Who are we?


Carib Family Centered Services (CFCS) was founded to provide alternatives to traditional Mental Health and emotional care with an effective family friendly approach.

It advocates the parallel process. We demand of ourselves what we expect from our clients. We have a hands-on family/individual involvement approach. This means that the family/individual will assists in the treatment plan and outline the goals they are desirous of attaining. We work with the families and individuals to enhance their strength and resources in order to achieve and expand on their goals.



Dr. Carolla Ellis


Carib Family Centered Services was founded by Dr. Carrolla Desiree Ellis in August 2018. After working in various aspects of Counseling and family therapy for nearly two decades, she was inspired to introduce a new approach to family preservation with respect to finding solutions to challenges facing and threatening the youth and adults in the state of Antigua and Barbuda and the sub-region.

Dr. Ellis served as a Bible Instructor and Counsellor in the North Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventists for eleven years. She has a wealth of experience and is intellectually rounded with a BA in Theology, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. She contributed to society by working as a volunteer counsellor with the AIDS Secretariat, Dr. Sir Prince Ramsay’s Office and Antigua and Barbuda National Youth Organization. She also worked with the Virgin Islands Crisis Center in St. Croix under the leadership of Dr. Reta-Duddly Grant.

Dr. Ellis was also a certified Financial Advisor with Series 6, 63 and 26 licenses with FINRA. She functioned as a Regional Vice President with Primerica for over two years before returning to Antigua. Dr. Ellis’ vision is to use the wide array of skills she acquired over the years to enhance families and communities throughout Antigua and Barbuda and in the region around hence the name CARIB FAMILY CENTERED SERVICES.  

Dr. Ellis will serve as Managing Director and oversee the day to day operations of the CFCS. 

Our objective

The objective is to provide therapeutic services to families and individuals and to develop skills to manage Mental Health issues, fractured relationships and volatile emotions. We are committed to providing 24/7 on call home visits to families of “At Rick” adolescences and youth with our flexible hours of service delivery (night and weekends are no problem). 

Experiential activities will be conducted to practice the skills learned and families will have individual sessions to prepare for the family sessions. The family will be involved in the evaluation of the documentation process.

We are also committed to working with families on parent/child relationship by utilizing our therapeutic play room and park. We believe that a strong bond between parents and children is the first step to reducing family crisis and delinquency. 


Our Goals

The goal of CFCS is to meet families/individuals where they are and assist them in developing positive skills with an effective family friendly approach. The minimum length of service required for this program is one month, no maximum. During this period we will assess the operant issues of family functioning; how they handle communication, conflict, the tasks of daily living, and meeting each other needs for closeness, affection, and attention.